Becoming Entangled

Leenie Brown

A Sequel to Unravelling Mr. Darcy


Book Description

Anne de Bourgh wishes to dance until she is dizzy, walk until she is tired, and marry a gentleman that causes her heart to skitter and skip and flutter.  There is, however, one thing that stands between Anne and her aspirations ─ her mother.  Nevertheless, when a lady of eighteen is determined, a mother’s restraints are simply an impediment to be circumvented.

If Alistair Pratt is anything, he is practical. At least, that is what he would call offering to marry a lady of wealth and connections.  The fact that the lady is attempting an escape from her overbearing mother and a long-standing betrothal is merely a detail that makes being practical that much more enjoyable.

However, the course of true love never did run smoothly.